ADSL Speed Test see how your ISP ranks

We’ve all had the it happen to us, when you are online when all of a sudden your Internet is slow, and you are wondering what is going on, you start to hit refresh like a million times and nothing helps.

speed test photoThe best solution is to run a few independent ADSL Speed tests to make sure that everything is as the ISP advertised.

Step 1: Make sure nothing is downloading or uploading

  • Before you run your ADSL Speed Test Close all your programmes, stop browsing, downloading movies etc.

  • Find out if anything else is on your network and disconnect it our it will mess with your Speed Test results.

Step 2: Connect to at least 2 different Speed Test Services



These are 2 of my favorite ADSL Speed Test sites because they are local (very important for true results) and because they give you a clear indication as to your ADSL Line Speed.

Now it’s important to know what ADSL line speed you have with your ISP and with Telkom.

Below is a guide for what you can expect to be your True download speed, basically a speed test is calculate at the advertised download speed (Mega Bits) and divide by 8 to get Mega Bytes, and deduct a little for “Overhead”.

ADSL Line Speed True Download Per Sec True Download Per Minute
1Mbps 106.25KB 6.3MB
2Mbps 212.5KB 12.7MB
4Mbps 425.0KB 25.5MB
8Mbps 850.0KB 51.0MB
10Mbps 1.0MB 63.7MB

Upload speeds on ADSL are restricted due to the technology and the fact that most ADSL users are consumers of data and not providers. As a basic rule of thumb you can use simply divide the “True download speed” by 8 and that will give you an idea of what your upload speed should be.

Now for the funny business, ADSL Speeds are often determined by many outside factors, the Internet Service Provider, Telkom, distances of the copper runs, network traffic, quality of the ADSL Router etc.

Here is some examples of good quality reputable ISP’s and the Average Download Speeds people are getting. Warning these change daily…

Vox ADSL ADSL 4Mbps 2.89 Mbps 0.41 Mbps
Cybersmart Home uncapped ADSL ADSL 4Mbps 2.87 Mbps 0.39 Mbps
Cybersmart capped and business ADSL ADSL 4Mbps 2.82 Mbps 0.35 Mbps
Internet Solutions Consumer ADSL ADSL 4Mbps 2.7 Mbps 0.38 Mbps
Telkom ADSL ADSL 4Mbps 2.69 Mbps 0.39 Mbps


But my speed is much slower or just not working!

So lets do some fault finding to figure out why the ADSL Speed Test was slow. Test the line again after ever step to fix your internet speed.

  1. Restart the router – wait for it to connect before testing

  2. Call your ISP and ask them to test on their end (they will probably tell you it’s a Telkom Problem)

  3. Call Telkom and ask them to “Reset the ports” use that term and be persistent with their support otherwise that might have you updating Adobe Reader ;)

If none of these solve the problem I would suggest you give us a call or start a chat by clicking on the left or fill out the email form below and we will call you back.


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