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3 Crazy tips to make your your password un-hackable

Your passwords are you identity, whether they are your Internet Banking passwords, or passwords for your email accounts.

Only in the last 20 years has passwords and the password security become such a pressing issue. This has come about because all aspects of our lives are now connected and to complete the connection securely you need passwords.

Password hacking has … Read the rest


Had enough of Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has been around since the dawn of the Internet Age but in my honest opinion it has done more to damage Internet security than any other browser.

Lets have a look at how Internet Explorer became so popular and what led to it’s demise.

I can remember when i was growing up and the internet started to become … Read the rest


Internet Speeds in South Africa

Google Fiber has just been released in the States and they are offering their clients 1000Mb/s or 1 Gigabit internet┬áspeeds, truly amazing. Don’t hold out for that here any time soon although there are some interesting developments on the horizon.

First development that bodes well for ADSL speeds in South Africa

MTN has bought over Afrihost, now as you Read the rest


ADSL Speed Test see how your ISP ranks

We’ve all had the it happen to us, when you are online when all of a sudden your Internet is slow, and you are wondering what is going on, you start to hit refresh like a million times and nothing helps.

speed test photoThe best solution is to run a few independent ADSL Speed tests to make sure that everything is as … Read the rest