Internet Speeds in South Africa

Google Fiber has just been released in the States and they are offering their clients 1000Mb/s or 1 Gigabit internet speeds, truly amazing. Don’t hold out for that here any time soon although there are some interesting developments on the horizon.

First development that bodes well for ADSL speeds in South Africa

MTN has bought over Afrihost, now as you may know we are big Afrihost fans and MTN has seen the value in acquiring them for a number of reasons, they offer great service and are really efficient, it also might help that they are price leaders and have one of the largest customer bases as an ISP in South Africa. MTN has said that they intend to use Afrihost to spearhead their new “Fiber to the house” initiative….We shall see..

Another development 

internet speed photoLTE or Long Term Evolution is a form of wireless broadband that is becoming very popular, the technology is remarkable in that it travels quite far similar to 3G and not like your home wireless, and it can offer amazing internet speeds of up to 90Mb, although this is theoretical. It is really new in South Africa although there are some issues with the Wireless Spectrum Allocation that may effect the rollout.

internet speed photoTelkom’s 8ta seems to be the most advanced so far covering the Major Metros of Pretoria, Centurion, Sandton, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. You can check out their coverage map and see if you fall within it. https://www.telkommobile.co.za/coverage/lte/


The short term solution is to make sure that your current line speed is upgraded to it’s maximum internet speed. Give Telkom a call and see if you are eligible for their free upgrade from 1 – 2 Mb and from 2 – 4 Mb.

10Mb Line speeds are becoming more available and you can look into that, although in South Africa the ISP’s tend to focus on total amount of Data Usage and so if you are on a very fast line with only a few Gigs of data you are going to use it all up pretty quickly.

Uncapped 10Mb lines are available but at higher prices. We often find that uncapped high speed lines are so badly shapped that you may be better of with a 4Mb capped account and get full usage.

Internet speeds and costs will improve slowly but improve they will, now the big issue I think is access for disadvantaged communities, because they would love a 512 Kb line if they could only get one.

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